Acceptance and Coping HIV

Acceptance and Coping HIV

Im HIV + positive and not sure how long i have the virus and nov of 2015 i was hospitalized due to sickness i had 40 degrees fever for str8 3 weeks or more and got confined finally and they found out i have pneumonia. I thought it was over for me i couldnt bear the high temperature and vommiting and diarrhea but God still saved me and allowed me to live. My Dr asked me to have cd4 test when i got well and recovered from pneumonia and the result was 6 freaking number and it was obvious i have the dreaded virus and immediately signed the confidential form for hiv testing and my blood will be examined by san lazaro and the result will be after a month. So by the end of jan 2016 i already have the confirmatory and went to RITM which is my current treatment hub. Im on my 3rd month of efivarenz tenofovir and lamuvidine. The drug need to be taken 1nce and on empty stomach otherwise the dizziness and nausea will be evident and you will lose concentration easily so better schedule it night time probably around 10pm. Eat at 8pm and by 10pm all is good then take your meds.

Things didnt really go smoothly for me for i had been infected with several OI’s and right now i have very mild PCP and good things doc was able to notice it immediately and im treating it now with double strength cotri and steroid. Everyday is painful i think and cry a lot thinking if i will be ever be better. By the way when i started my arv on feb 1 my cd4 is only 3 and doc said you will be ok at that time you should have seen me i was pale and so fragile but i manage to fight it. The first weeks of the arv was hell super dami ng side effects but it didnt stop me there and by the 1st month it went down to little to no side effects and now im on my 3rd month im used to it and no longer losing weight and overall physical appearance improved.

My fellow POZ dont lose hope because until god tells you to give which he wont you need to fight for your life.

Thanks for reading.